2019 coated plate market - rising or decline?

2020-09-23 16:05

2019 coated plate market - rising or decline?

In 2019, the overall trend of China's steel prices began to differ from the Sino-US trade war in April, and the overall price trend changed. In 2019, the coefficient of trade between China and the United States remained large. For capital markets, foreign trade markets, China's indirect export markets, and international currencies. The market will continue to have a certain impact.


The spot steel market showed a continuous volatility after the start of April. In the fourth quarter, due to environmental protection failures, production, inventory concentration, and lack of demand, the overall price opened a relatively sharp plunge. However, compared with other finished materials, the overall supply pressure of the coated plate market is relatively small, while the Sino-US trade war has a certain impact on the total export volume of steel, but it has little effect on the export volume of coated plates. . In addition, from the point of view of the profitability of products, after the supply-side reforms in the past two years, the overall product profit margins of the front-end product billets, construction steels and thick sheet resources increased.

In 2019, the supply and demand side of China's coated plate market was in a good performance. Although the overall price trend was affected by the Sino-US trade war, the loosening momentum of monetary policy gradually became apparent, and the market as a whole still had room for policy in the risk operation. Therefore, the overall market for the coated plate market in 2019 may still have room for improvement.