Established in 2013, ROGO INDUSTRIAL (SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD is located in China’s economic center-Shanghai,which is an export-oriented enterprise under J.X.Y Group.


Founded in 2007,J.X.Y Group is a company integrated with independent Design,R&D,Production and Sales ,which is the most influential company in the field of coating steel products.The Group possesses five most advanced color coated steel lines,three hot dip galvanized steel lines and one high-level advanced galvaume line in China.With an annual production of 1.4 million tons. By standard management system and scientific operation,the group has passed in succession ISO9001,ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Hot Produce

 PPGI Steel

 Thickness: 0.15-1.5mm

 Width: 600-1250mm

 Coating mass: 40-275g/m2

 Coating thickness: Top 15-40μm Back 5-20μm

 Well adhering to the base plate, the coating are easy to process and form, good weather resistance and outdoor stability. When used in general environments, the anti-corrosion effect may last for 10 years, depending on the requirements for the coating mass. Products of various bright colors are provided for selection.

 Scopes of application: building roofing, outdoor wall panel, decorative sheet, roller shutter door, steel door, household appliance, etc.

 Galvalume /Galvanized Steel

 Thickness: 0.125-2.0mm
 width: 600-1250mm
 coating mass: 40-275g/m2
 Surface: zero spangle, small spangle, regular spangle and big spangle  GI Surface treatment methods: anti-finger print, oiled, oiled and chromated, passivated
 GL Surface treatment methods: oiled, oiled plus chromated, passivated  Scopes of application: building materials, light industry, automobile, machining, hardware  
 fitting, etc.

  Roofing Sheet

   Beautiful and stylish, rich colors, strong decorative, flexible combination, can express a   different
   architectural style;
   Has a good skin steel,waterproof agent good seismic performance;    Scopes of application: building materials, decoration, outdoor wall panel, warehouse, etc.

Design   PPGI

Thickness: 0.15-1.5mm

width: 600-1250mm

coating mass: 40-275g/m2

coating thickness: Top 15-40µm Back 5-20µm

The coating are light, beautiful, durable and anti-corrosion property, and are suitable for direct processing. In construction, furniture and other industries, they serve as a new type of raw materials featuring substitution of wood with steel, efficient construction, resources conservation and ecological environment protection.

Scopes of application: building materials, decoration, outdoor wall panel, ceiling, steel door, household appliance, furniture, etc.

Corrugated Roofing Machine 

thickness:0.3mm-0.8mm Dimension:About 7.2*1.3*1.1m(L*W*H) , as per the drawing Length of the Sheet:can set the length according to your infact need. It is controlled by PLC , which can ensure the accuracy of ±1mm. Cutting:Automatically stop and cutting when it comes to the set length.
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