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About 40 blast furnaces in tangshan were overhauled in this week

This week, among 138 blast furnaces in tangshan, 40 were overhauled (excluding the long-term shutdown), with the total volume of overhauled blast furnaces totaling 33230m. It affected the output of about 644,000 tons, and the capacity utilization rate was 76.16%, up 1.1% from last week, 3.17% from the same period last month, and 4.75% from the same period last year.

This week tangshan area blast furnace production and maintenance coexist, capacity utilization rate continues to rise. Recently research by tangshan heavy pollution weather to headquarters, since 26 December 12 when lifting heavy pollution in the city level weather Ⅱ emergency response. According to my net investigation and understanding, tangshan area part of the steel plant next week still have resume production plan. It is expected that the utilization rate of blast furnace in tangshan will increase slightly.