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Accelerate the construction of the rated water system in the steel industry

Background and purpose:

China has more people and less water, and the water resources are unevenly distributed in time and space. The task of saving water, water, water and water is still very arduous.In recent years, with the rapid advancement of industrialization, urbanization and the intensification of global climate change, China's water shortage, frequent water disasters, water ecological damage, water environment pollution and other issues have become more prominent, and has become a prominent bottleneck restricting economic and social development.

In order to better promote steel companies to carry out water conservation work, it is necessary to build a sound water industry quota system.

Construction of the water industry quota system for the steel industry:

(1) Water industry quota:

According to the National Economic Industry Classification (GB/T4754-2017), the steel industry involves the mining of ferrous metals, the manufacture of graphite and carbon products, coking, ferroalloy smelting, iron making, steel making, steel rolling, wire ropes and In terms of the manufacture of its products, it is necessary to formulate water quotas for relevant industries.

(2) Classification of steel industry enterprises:

Steel industry production is a complex process of mining, smelting, processing and manufacturing of metallurgical raw materials, auxiliary materials and products.

(3) Construction and composition of the water industry quota system for the steel industry:

1. Index grading construction.

The construction of water quota indicators for the steel industry should be considered in terms of scientific rationality, water conservation, operability, and effective coverage. According to the existing water consumption situation of iron and steel enterprises in China, the water quota indicators should be divided into three levels: leading value, advanced value and general value.

2. Indicator classification construction.

Enterprise water quota system: steel joint venture, ferroalloy smelting enterprise (manganese iron, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, nickel iron, etc.), sintering / pelletizing enterprises, coking enterprises, steel rolling enterprises (hot rolling, cold rolling, galvanizing, color Water), iron ore enterprises, steel metal products enterprises, foundry enterprises and other water quotas.

Process water quota system: coking, sintering / pellets, ironmaking (blast furnace, non-blast furnace ironmaking), steelmaking (converter, electric furnace, refining), continuous casting (slab, billet, profiled billet), hot rolling (wide thickness) Plate, medium plate, thin plate, steel bar, high speed wire, bar, section steel, etc.), cold rolling (continuous rolling mill, reversible rolling mill, galvanizing, tin plating, electrical steel, color coating), seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, casting Pipes and other water quotas.

Water quota system for continuous casting products: water quota for slab, billet, profiled billet; water quota for hot rolled products such as wide and thick plate, medium plate, thin plate, steel bar, high speed wire rod, bar and section steel; cold rolled plate, galvanized Water quota for cold rolled products such as tin plating, electrical steel, and color coating.